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The life you've been living IS NOT the life you will always have to live. I believe that's true because I've experienced it myself.

- Ken Hensley, Founder of AltaBello

12 Days, 1 Life

I have been in the people development business for nearly 30 years.

Over this time I have sat across from countless individuals and listened as they shared their longing to live for something more than what they were currently experiencing. The doldrums of life had sucked all the enthusiasm out of them. By coming to me, they were hoping I could wave a magic wand and suddenly fill them with inspiration and purpose.

Unfortunately, no such magic wand exists.

If I were to ask those individuals to sum up their current existence in one word, I imagine they might have said ...

  • Boring
  • Routine
  • Meaningless.

No one sets out in life to be mediocre.

None of us ever had a morning where we woke up and our first thought was, "I hope today is a mediocre day."

Yet, somehow, somewhere, that is the direction our life swung in.

We often make the solution much more complex than it really is. In fact, what I've discovered is this: finding your purpose simply requires that you begin to act with purpose. That is the idea behind this simple guide to developing your life plan.

I Believe You Want More from Life than Just Mediocre, Plain, and Ordinary

Each day throughout this plan you will receive a video teaching where I will explain the different parts of your life plan. Throughout the next twelve days, I will be your personal coach, a daily cheerleader, and one of your biggest fans.

I know that when you gain clarity, you gain confidence and power.

EXTRA BONUSES: I've included a downloadable journal that contains daily reflection questions and action steps designed to help you create a life plan that is simple, yet workable. And I've thrown in a free eBook - "5 Keys to Overcoming Burnout."

It is my hope that working through these exercises will bring the clarity you need to live a fulfilling life.

Your friend and coach,

Ken Hensley

P.S. For over 30 years I've been privileged to help people reach their God-given potential. I'm looking forward to helping you, too!

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"Ken was fantastic at coming up with a range of strategies to help me get clarification on my present obstacles. Very friendly and I really felt he was on my team so I would highly recommend.”

- Simon, entrepreneur

Your Instructor

Ken Hensley
Ken Hensley

I've spent the last thirty years of my life in pursuit of a higher good. My background blends both technology and spiritual formation - a curious mix of Ancient Wisdom and Future Possibilities. In 1999, I co-founded an Internet company that helped non-profits raise money online. For fifteen years, I worked with technology leaders and idea generators from Silicon Valley to San Diego. Since 2009, I've been based in beautiful Denver, CO, where the sun smiles on the Rocky Mountains, rekindling hope in a better future.

Over the years I've worked with CEO's of publicly-traded companies, entrepreneurs, athletes, and school teachers. Whether it's a one-on-one coaching session or speaking to hundreds at a large conference, I find great satisfaction helping people reach their God-given potential. That's why I started AltaBello - to help you seek all that life has in store for you. In fact, the name AltaBello is a combination of two Italian words that mean "a higher good." That's what I want you to find - a higher good!

Do you want to experience a richer, fuller life? Do you believe there is more to life than what you've been living?

How do I know it's possible? I've seen it happen with thousands of people just like you.

You Can Create the Future You Want to Have

One of my mentors, Jack Canfield (co-founder of Chicken Soup for the Soul), teaches a simple formula that has the power to radically change your life. It looks like algebra, but don't worry - it really is simple. Here it is:

E + R = O (event + response = outcome)

How you respond to the things that happen in your life will always determine the outcome of your life. This is especially true when it comes to creating your life plan.

Too many people just let life happen to them.

They go through life reacting like a pinball, getting bounced from bumper to bumper, circumstance to circumstance. These are the people who are quick to give excuses about "what could have been."

My guess is, you don't like being around these people because they act like victims rather than victors.

Can 12 days really change your life?

Not if they are just 12 ordinary days that lack focus, intentionality, and pursuit.

But if you will commit to 12 days of exploration, reflection, and action, I now you will emerge as a different person. It's what I've seen happen in a room with hundreds of business people and at Starbucks over a cup of coffee with a single dad.

Outside of my faith and family, there are few other things that bring me as much satisfaction as helping folks like you discover your true purpose in life.

Let's get started!

Your Four Buckets of a Successful Life

Over the next 12 days, we can look at the four big buckets of life and how to craft a life plan that will enable you to live the life of your dreams. As you create your life plan, it is vital that you have a clear definition of what success means to you.


To live a full and meaningful life will require relationships that are full and meaningful.


Since we will spend much of our adult lives at work, it's important to be clear about why we do what we do.


Including your physical health goals in your life plan will help you achieve your other goals quicker and more effectively.


Spiritual growth is just as possible as physical or financial growth -- though it may be harder to measure or to see from the outside.

"I can't thank Ken enough. He truly has a gift. I will most certainly be calling on him more. THANK YOU!"

- Mark, LAPD

P.S. Don't let the price keep you from taking this important step. A three-day weekend will cost more than $49 and while it may be relaxing, the long-term benefits are not the same as finding your true purpose. There was a time in my life when $49 seemed like a significant amount of money. Yet, I still went to Starbucks, subscribed to Netflix, and enjoyed eating out. $49 is not the cost of the class. It's the investment you are making to have a better, more fulfilling future!

Your friend and coach,

Ken Hensley

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